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never GIVE UP


Bugout Pest Control formed in November 2015 as a simple idea on a napkin; I had an unpleasant experience with a pest control company. I quit my law enforcement profession and made it my personal mission to bring a quality pest control service at an affordable price to customers. In the last few years of learning how to run a business, the road blocks have been very challenging to over come.  They say starting a business is hard, I never knew how hard it actually was.   

As I would get closer to what I thought was the top, another challenge would present itself. There have been many nights, I laid in bed wondering how I was going to make it to the next day. A broken femur, buying mechanically deficient trucks,  learning the hard way about people, cut off utilities, the list is an endless struggle. I have struggled more than most people would and kept going. 

I have had several failures I am one hundred percent responsible for. As people face certain obstacles, people make a choice to give up or dig in. I kept going until I became successful in what I did.  I hope what I have been building pushes someone else to never give up. Never ever give up. 

Bugout is back!

Scott Myers , Official Dictator

Bugout Pest Control LLC